Water is the perfect canvas

When I paint I do not just add color to a white canvas. It’s more like drawing in the water with my hands. Water is so malleable and flexible. It is a place of all possible shapes, because it already includes them all. You can make its surface ripple, you can cut through it, lacerate it, manipulate it in any way to try to get to the depths inside it, to let the Shape you have been looking for your entire life finally show itself… but it will always return to its original state, leaving behind nothing but a memory! The result of each action, each shaping, each perception: in the water it will be back to nothing, the surface will win, enwrapping you and your efforts, and allowing you to continue your search as if nothing had happened… Yes, water is the perfect canvas, and painting in the water is the perfect painting.

Giovanni Dominoni
Riga, March 2016