Variation 75

Carmine Square – Variation 75 | 2017 | 50x50cm | Cut faux leather and led lights

I just want things to happen. And to make them truly happen – that is, not as a result of the arrogant will of the “artist”, but as a consequence of a natural interaction between all the forces in the space-time that is called “me”, inside or outside my body – I have to try to be as impartial as possible: to just let them come to the surface, exist for a fraction of a second, and eventually allow them to disappear again. I don’t want myself to be in my paintings. I don’t want to be their creator. In fact, I don’t have an ego when I paint: I am reducing myself to nothing. Because only from nothing can come more nothing, and only in the nothing everything is happening. This is what really counts for me. I will not pretend I am the creator of something. I just want to be part of that happening everything and solve this apparent contradiction between an “I” that wants, and an “I” that simply is, and I do it with light. A pure image of light.

Giovanni Dominoni
Riga, 2017