Plasmantico and Nebulante

In the Nebulante (acting nebula) and Plasmantico (plasma-shaped) series I explore the infinite possibilities of a creative universe shaping itself.

When you leave behind any futile wish of poietic planning, what remains is a utopic procedurality. Memory is a plasmatic entity enslaved (but also freed) by the uni-versal flux that repeats itself: only through human procedures the infinite can be objectivized, made uniform (or formed), leveled and defined, but only if you give up trying to deny its beautiful intrinsic chaotic quality. Acting by procedures is a lifeline for the human kind in the Tsunami of the unending becoming of existence, but it must not deny the chaos, hide its existence, neutralize it. On the contrary, once you accept its existence, procedures have to save us, extend our lifespan, commit us to a spark of hope that should not become will of control and dominance, but should stay only as it is: a shot in the arm to give us the energy and confidence for the next leap.

In the works of the Plasmantico series (the first ones chronologically speaking) I almost passively displayed the hermetic energies behind the space-in-action. With Nebulante that same space is purified, the procedures more defined, and forces acting in space are shaping out, making me an active part of this process: in Plasmantico the paroxysm of the brush on the canvas were unforeseeable, innumerable, overlapping, multi-colored and with different acrylic densities, often put unmixed on the plain canvases… until the shaping energy had exhausted itself. In Nebulante, instead, the stroke is more precise, minimal, direct. Cleansed. It is pure chaos free to show itself in its boundless action, pure energy that animates itself endlessly, thanks to the brush strokes on the canvas of which I am actor, color and form: its gravitational space, the magnetic field that generates its forces, originates them, and ultimately allows them to spring.