First drawings

Giovanni Dominoni, Contemporary Minimalistic Paintings, Drawings and Photography

This first abstract drawing (1994) sums up the results of my early meditations. The intrinsic energy of Nature finds its space on the surface (a multi-dimensional surface) while it auto-generates itself and its shape swirling around a focal point.

I drew using strokes that were, on the one hand, methodical and well controlled, while on the other they were also not prearranged at all.

In the same way, I did not start to draw with a precise shape in my mind, and the shape originated not from an ideation (“from idea to action”: considering in a very old fashioned way the idea and the acting as two different things, and the idea always preceding the action, the action being the result of analysis of situation, of the pros and cons of each available choice) but from an in fieri “ideactivity” (where actions are the results of ideas as well as ideas are the results of the actions). To say it in other words, my action of drawing originates from the same shape appearing and forming on the paper, and each stroke would follow the other by re-modelling the interactive relation between me, the drawing, the world, space and mind.

This means that the act of drawing was, and is, for me, nothing but a molding of my experience of the world and of my mind, while actively interacting with the shape shaping on the paper together and jointly with myself. This “method”, this “modus vivendi”, is still unchanged, for now, and it originated from this drawing

It may be useful to expand on what my meditations were about. The Big Bang Theory, or the idea of a universe compressed in a nutshell suddenly exploding then, one day, contracting again. The Black Holes theory: huge gravitational points so powerful that, in them, the laws of space and time do not apply, swallowing light itself inside an event horizon on which light and matter rotate and spiral in a doomed equilibrium (quite the opposite of the eternal and frozen beauty of the Newton gravitational rules), generating either life or death, the being or the not being. The beautiful Darwinian vision of the mind as a plastic entity shaping itself and our relation with the world and with our inside thanks to groups of neurons that enter and re-enter in a relation reinforcing or turning off their links, all this just following the chaos of existence eternally, inexorably, without ever stopping: a vision of the mind as a process of re-organization of the chaos based on the simple law (very similarly to the laws that control the evolution of the species) of the survival of the most apt.

The great topmost sheet of the mass, that where hardly a light had twinkled or moved, becomes now a sparkling field of rhythmic flashing points with trains of traveling sparks hurrying hither and thither. The brain is waking and with it the mind is returning. It is as if the Milky Way entered upon some cosmic dance. Swiftly the head mass becomes an enchanted loom where millions of flashing shuttles weave a dissolving pattern, always a meaningful pattern though never an abiding one; a shifting harmony of subpatterns.1




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