Giovanni Dominoni was born in Treviglio, a small city close to Bergamo, Italy, in 1977. He lived most of his life between Vignate, a small town in the suburbs of Milan, land of the “fontanili” springs, creativity and rural culture, and Milan itself.

In 1996 he became President of Associazione Culturale Nuova Vignate, which collaborated with Associazione Culturale Amici di Morterone, and Carlo Invernizzi with his tireless poetic research, to organize art exhibitions, conventions and other cultural events. During this experience, he had the pleasure to work with great artists and people like Rudi Wach, Mauro Staccioli, Dadamaino, Bruno Querci, Carlo Rivolta, Gavino Ledda, Sergio Milani and many others that I have to sadly omit for the sake of brevity.

After obtaining his university degree in Foreign Languages, with a thesis regarding the influence of Shakespeare in modern cinema, in particular on Peter Greenaway and his Prospero’s Books, he worked or was involved in activities related to contemporary art, theatre, web design, and his own artistic work. Giovanni lived in London between 2010 and 2011. Afterwards, he moved to Riga, Latvia, where he is currently residing.

He has been deeply influenced by the music of J. S. Bach, the philosophy of F. Nietzsche, Husserl and his school, the poetic world of Shakespeare and his “metatheatre” and, last but not least, the studies on the mind and conscience by, on example, Oliver Sacks and Edoardo Boncinelli. Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani and younger artists like Gianni Asdrubali, Nelio Sonego, Bruno Querci have probably marked Giovanni’s artistic work as nobody else. These influences are clearly recognizable in his work and life, even if he does not aspire to be anywhere near their level.

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