About me


Giovanni is born every night, inside the reverberation of the full and gigantic moon reflected on the sea right in front of the Gallinara Isle, next to the little city of pagan origins called Albenga, in the land of lemons and of the most delicate oil in Italy. He studies in Vignate, in the Cultural Association Nuova Vignate, where the horizon seemed to him wider than in the big Milan. There, he learns that the life of the artist is not different from remembering to forget.

In 1996 he becomes president of the same association, that collaborates with the Cultural Association Amici di Morterone and Carlo Invernizzi and his tireless poetic research, and together they listen to the the singing of Life, trying to beat its rhythm. Some remember expositions, congresses and cultural events. Rudi Wach, Mauro Staccioli, Dadamaino, Bruno Querci, Carlo Rivolta, Gavino Ledda, Sergio Milani and many others that I have to sadly omit for the sake of brevity, they all took part in the freshness of this humble chorus. 

After obtaining his university degree in Foreign Languages, with a thesis regarding the influence of Shakespeare in modern cinema, in particular on Peter Greenaway and his Prospero’s Books, Giovanni sees himself thrown in a brawl he does not belong to, and just manages to float away by working on activities related to contemporary art, theatre, web design, and his own artistic work.

Between 2010 and 2011 he sinks into London, and then drags himself out into Riga (Latvia), to eventually continue working on his own moon.

In his work, Giovanni hears the music of J.S. Bach, listens to the words of F. Nietzsche, sails the space of Shakespeare and the voids of Carlo Invernizzi. When he can’t find the words, he seeks the help of Oliver Sacks, Gerald Edelman, Carlo Rovelli and all the others that, like him, have seen the moon wrenning on the sea, pecking around a little here, a little there.

For questions, or any kind of request, please do not hesitate to contact him